"Deep down inside of us sleeps a longing to live nature as Andrea Blanar paints it."

Collette Bourgoin, Director/Curator, Restigouche Gallery, Campbellton.


"Blanar observes all facets of a scene and paints in the plants and creatures, the ebb and flow of tides and the traces of human activity that she senses there. Influences as diverse as European religious iconography, Maritime folk art traditions, ancient artifacts and traditional landscape painting inform the work and show evidence of the experiences of the traveler / artist who created them."

Dawn White Beatty, Burlington Arts Centre

Multimedia sculpture by Andrea Blanar

These images are thumbnail details of each work. To view full-size images, click the thumbnails below. You may also use your keyboard (← and →) to scroll from image to image.

Bird Woman Front Bird Woman, left Bird Woman
Acrylic on wood box-ixon, clay
Bird Woman Baie Verte, back Baie Verte Bird Woman, front Baie Verte Bird Woman
Acrylic on wood box-icon, clay
Cavalcade, back Cavalcade, detail Cavalcade, front Cavalcade of muses
Acrylic on wood, clay
14" x 14" x 7"
Coffer - Lovers in Alcove Coffer - Lovers in Alcove
Wood, clay, mixed media
30" x 22" x 7"
Eden, closed Eden, open Eden
Acrylic on wood
Fossilized, back Fossilized, side Fossilized
Clay and acrylic on wood
Magnificat, front Magnificat, left side Magnificat, right side Magnificat
Clay, acrylic on wood
Marsh Muse Marsh Muse
Acrylic on wood, metal, clay
13" x 16.5"
Mellusine Mellusine, figure detail Mellusine, top view Mellusine
Metal and clay
Nesting Nesting, figure detail Nesting
Metal, clay, and acrylic
On a Pedestal - Embrace On a Pedestal - Embrace
Wood, clay, mixed media
22" x 17" x 5"
Return of the Bird Woman, back Return of the Bird Woman, front Return of the Bird Woman
Acrylic on wood box ixon
She Icarus, detail She Icarus, front She Icarus, open She Icarus
Acrylic, clay, wood, metal
Spirits Meet, back Spirits Meet, front Spirits Meet
Acrylic, clay on wood box-icon
Treasured Icon, Angles-Lovers - Front Treasured Icon, Angles-Lovers - Back Treasured Icon, Angles - Lovers
Antique wood box, clay,
24" x 16" x 14"
Treasured Icon, closed Treasured Icon, closedTreasured Icon
Clay, acrylic
Within the Lotus, front Within the Lotus, side Within the Lotus
Clay and acrylic on antique commode
Within Temple, back Within Temple, detail Within Temple, front Within Temple
Box-icon, wood, clay
12.5" x 11" x 9.5"